Past exhibitors

Find below a list of Past Exhibitors that The Orangery Fine Art Gallery has been proud to host.


Delville smith

Perth artist Del Smith is primarily a landscapist with a preference for abstraction. He like to work in oils on canvas or board, layering his paint and scraping back to partially reveal the colours and shapes below, so maintaining a freshness and unpredictability in the final image.


James simmons

Passing on good quality information to others is a passion of mine. Teaching is in my blood, both my parents are teachers and I enjoy telling a good story. I believe these traits flow through into my imagery as I present the viewer with a clear message communicated using simple elements. However, my photographs still hold mystery and intrigue through the medium's interpretive nature.


John woodhouse

John Woodhouse developed a passion for photography at a young age, having received a Pentax camera for his 12th birthday. John's artistic talent was inherited from his Mother, Joy Mennie, a highly respected South African artist. John's happiest hours were spent photographing the dramatic beauty of the African wildlife and landscapes.


Robin Tunnicliffe


Danielle West


Heather Robins


Elizabeth McCraig


Helena Taelor