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JohnWoodhouseArt_Wildlife_Impala At Sunset.jpg

John Woodhouse

Born in South Africa and now living in Australia, John Woodhouse has developed a modern, surrealist style that has been the hallmark of his previous exhibitions.

This collection of works from Africa is a departure from his familiar style and pays tribute to his late mother, and artist, Joy who inspired him and loved his African imagery. 

The works in this exhibition set out to show the rich earthy African landscape colours combined with the beautiful animal portraits that showcase the African veld. 

These images, especially those off Cheetah, Rhino and Elephant, should hopefully inspire the viewer to contribute in some way to the protection of these unique animals from being poached into extinction.

Few people realise the extent of Elephant and Rhino poaching in Africa. –

'Poachers killed at least 25,000
elephant in 2011

– National Geographic Magazine, October 2012